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The band:

The “POCKETFUL” Rialto!

Vintage Eclectic Fare: 

Featuring hit songs spanning genres and eras from classic to modern. Classic rock, folk, bluegrass, blues, island, pop, punk, country, classics, original works!, more.

Pocketful gone green! +Irish-American pub rock, drinking songs, sing-alongs, traditional folklore, all the craic!

The agenda:

Good times, great songs you love or will love after hearing them played with Pocketful’s signature grass-rootsy, down-to-Earth, here is the place to be, positive vibes. You’re sure to have more than a pocketful of good feelin’ singing along with these guys or just out enjoying a couple cold ones with your family and friends. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet is their approach, you never know what you might hear next and the anticipation can be exhilarating. A must see, over and over again!

THE FEATURE!! "Dimeless Classics: Vol.1" is now available!

- Indie singer/songwriter release recorded as one-man-band, Vol. 1 is the first 6 songs of the collection of original works, past and present, written by our own Greg Carr Schumann. Stay tuned for full band bonus tracks and release on other platforms!

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-Currently booking for summer 2020 shows while in studio recording our next albums "Dimeless Classics: Volumes 2 & 3" and "BiOS Acoustic"  - song samples below

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-Check out our Irish-American music project "Daddy O'Pocketful" 

Lyric Video

"Broadway to Hollywood" [Lyrics]

Lyric Video

"Gas Station Roses" [Lyrics]

Lyric Video

"Bottom of the Sea" [Lyrics]


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